Whether your company produces widgets or build-to-order RVs, information is one of your most powerful tools. The more you know the more efficient your production can become, and the better your customers can be served.
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You can't take your customers or your market share for granted. Help your bottom line by becoming more efficient and more agile. Grow your top line by managing your orders and your prospects with less effort and more success.

You can't do everything yourself

Your job is to manage your business: manage the people and manage the production. The more you know the more you can anticipate your needs, and those of your customers. Compromise is not a solution and it is no way to run your business.

No matter what you build you need to meet your customers' expectations. But you're not just building product, you're building relationships. Quality matters, whether it's finished goods or customer service. It's your name on the door and your reputation on the line.

Your customers expect more from you. You should expect more from your software. The ElixWare custom software solutions platform offers you a better option by providing full featured, integrated à-la-carte modules tailored to meet your individual business needs. ElixWare's custom tailored business logic makes your software work for you. Your workflow, your processes, your products, your business.

Why Should You Use Business Management Software?

Your company needs to manage leads and prospects. You need to create estimates for standard products and customer orders. You need to keep track of orders, production, and inventory. You need to follow up with your customers as well as generate new sales. And let's face it, spreadsheets are not the answer.

You need to be able to make decisions quickly, and to have your business' most important information a click away. You need to keep your momentum while you're putting together a proposal or closing a deal. Having access to real-time data about what is (or isn't) happening in your business let's you make fast and informed decisions.

What Can an ElixWare Solution Do for You?

Only you know what information is the most important to you and your business. With an ElixWare solution you tell us what information you want in dashboards, one-click reports and quick-view screens.

You'll know the who, what, when and where of each interaction with customers and prospects. Your customer service manager can review which customers are calling and why. You'll know your inventory levels, allocations and requirements so less capital will gather dust on your shelves.

If you don't need every feature we offer, or you need something that you don't see, we'll customize your solution to match your needs.

Our Production Management Suite

Our Production Managemet Suite is a custom quote & production management solution made up of one or more modules that can be customized to create a solution that meets your company's individual needs. You select the modules and features that you need. In addition to the ElixWare Customer/Lead Manager our Production Management Suite offers:

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We are a small team with a lot of experience, specializing in software development, design, and workflow, process & project management. We are fiercely dedicated to helping you do what you do best — run your business — without getting bogged down in the mountains of paper and hours of screen time required to do it. We are equally dedicated to protecting your privacy and your data. Learn more about our privacy policy.