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Why do some of your FAQs repeat information? At ElixWare we recognize that you are busy and may not have the time to read all of our FAQs. We try to provide complete and informative answers so you can get back to what you were doing before you had that burning question.
What is ElixWare? ElixWare is a custom software solution tailored to meet your individual needs. For each client we can build different versions of modules that provide various levels of data access based on the individual needs of each staff member.
What does ElixWare do? ElixWare creates custom software solutions for small businesses. We can adapt one or more of our core modules to meet your needs, create a new module for your business or even create a completely new system based on your business requirements.
Who is behind ElixWare? ElixWare is powered by a small group of software professionals with more than 50 years of cumulative experience located in the US. We do all our own work and do not outsource programming to low-cost, offshore software sweatshops.
Where does ElixWare software run? ElixWare runs in the Cloud providing you and your employees with access to your solution from your office, from the road, from home - even from your mobile devices. Access can be restricted by user and/or login location. ElixWare uses US-based data centers to improve security, reliability and response times.
What is "the Cloud"? The "Cloud" is a marketing term that basically means "the Internet". It means the software isn't running on your local computer, or in someone's basement. Your data is stored in secure data centers where it is safe from hardware failure, computer viruses and ransomware and that you can access it from wherever you need your workspace to be that day -- in the office, from home, or even at the beach.
Does ElixWare have "redundancy and/or failover"? Yes. ElixWare uses multiple US-based data centers and DNS failover to ensure that our clients' data and software are always accessible."
Do we have to set any of this up? No. ElixWare will setup and configure your custom software solution on an ElixWare server.
Who manages our ElixWare server? ElixWare does! We handle everything including writing the software, managing the servers and storing the backups. You simply run your business using your ElixWare custom software solution.
Can ElixWare be embedded in my website? Certain ElixWare features - such as our Quoting Solution and our Scheduler Solutions - can be embedded into some websites so your visitors can request quotes, build their own estimates or schedule appointments.

We will work with you and/or your web developers to make these publicly accessible options of your ElixWare solution available on your website. We are even working on a Wordpress plugin to extend these options to Wordpress sites.
Can ElixWare run on my server? Not at this time. We are reviewing this feature but currently do not offer ElixWare software as a stand-alone product.
Does ElixWare use ElixWare? Yes! ElixWare uses our own software and servers to manage our business. We have customized some of the modules to meet our specific needs just as we do for our clients. We try to save time and effort just like other small businesses and we can't think of a better way to do that than one of our own custom software solutions tailored just for us.
Is ElixWare secure? Yes. ElixWare takes security very seriously. We secure your data against insider access as well as protecting it from outside attacks. We use our own software to run ElixWare, so your security is our security.
Why should we be concerned about "Inside Access"? Each ElixWare client can define different levels of data access based on the individual needs of each member of their staff, as well as who can access the system from your business locations, from home or while on the road. You know your business and employees better than anyone, so you can determine what information each employee needs access to and where they can access it from (your offices, their home office or while on the road). You are in control of your data.
How does ElixWare protect data "in the Cloud"? All ElixWare connections are secured using https, passwords are salted and hashed, we actively blackhole brute-force login attempts, logins can be limited by IP address whitelists, we offer extra security for mobile access & two-factor authentication and our security & communication procedures are geared towards preventing social engineering.
Will ElixWare help us setup our security? Yes. We realize that this level of security sounds complicated - and it can be. We will configure your security options and help you maintain them - or we'll change them for you if you prefer (it's included in our Basic Support). We can even add custom security features if your company needs something special.
Does ElixWare commingle client data? No. Each client's data is in a separate database with a unique password. We can also accommodate those clients that would like their data and software to run on a separate, stand-alone ElixWare server.
What is ElixWare's privacy policy? ElixWare's Privacy Policy is simple: We treat your data the same way we treat our own data. We do not share our clients' data, or our client list, unless required by law. Any client providing a testimonial may appear on our website or other marketing materials (with the client's consent). You can read more here.
Why don't you have pricing on your website? I know some people (like us) want to be able to find the price of a product or service in order to assess whether they should even consider it as an option for their business. We aren't trying to hide our pricing or spare you from "sticker shock".

Due to the complexity of estimating the mix of features, modules and concurrent user licenses, not to mention any customization, it's not possible to make pricing available in a simple format. We combine features from different modules, and different layers of services, to create a custom software solution that doesn't sell you more than you need.
Why do you charge for 'Premium' support? New ElixWare clients receive 'Premium Support' for the first two or three months to ensure they get the attention they need. Additional support is available via support and training videos, the knowledge base, support tickets and even phone support. Most clients don't need handholding, and every client shouldn't have to pay extra for support they don't need. Our 'Premium Support' option is available to those who want or need it.


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