Whether you work alone or run a large shop, we have a right-sized solution to fit your needs.
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You don't produce generic instruments because you won't put your name on just anything. Quality, details and craftsmanship matter to you. We understand because they matter to us too.

Run your workshop your way

Every workshop is different, as is every craftsman. Cookie cutter solutions may work for some businesses ... if you're willing sacrifice and conform to someone else's vision of what you need. But compromise is not a solution and it is no way to run your business.

You build custom, high-quality instruments because you know that your clients have individual wants and needs. And though they may be similar no two instruments, or clients are identical. Assembly line solutions have no place in a craftsman's world. Good enough is not good enough to put your name on it.

Your clients expect more from you. You should expect more from your software. The ElixWare custom software solutions platform offers you a better option by providing full featured, integrated à-la-carte modules tailored to meet your individual business needs. ElixWare's custom tailored business logic makes your software work for you. Your workflow, your processes, your workshop, your business.

Why Should You Use Business Management Software?

No two workshops are the same but many share common needs. Whether it's creating estimates, taking custom orders, keeping track of inventory, ordering parts, monitoring the progress of one of your current builds, following up with clients or tracking the repair history of one of your instruments.

You are a limited resource and should allocate your time in a manner that best serves your clients. Saving time without sacrificing the information that is important to you can free you up to focus on what you do best. Having access to real-time data about what is (or isn't) happening in your shop prevents you from being distracted from the work at hand.

What Can an ElixWare Solution Do for You?

What do you want it to do? Every instrument's profile helps you keep track of everything related to the instrument and its owner. Document the build progress of a new order, save before & after pictures of repairs, track who did what on a service visit, and anything else that's important to your workshop.

Tracking new leads and prospects, outreach, pre and post-sale follow-ups, and much more. You'll know the who, what, when and where of each interaction. You can even send progress updates to your clients based on where their instrument is in the build or repair process.

If you don't need every feature we offer, or you need something that you don't see, we'll customize your solution to match your needs.

Our Luthier's Suite

Our Luthier's Suite is a custom quote & build solution made up of one or more modules that can be customized to create a solution that meets your individual needs. You select the modules and features that you need. In addition to the ElixWare Client/Lead Manager our Luthier's Suite offers:

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We are a small team with a lot of experience, specializing in software development, design, and workflow, process & project management. We are fiercely dedicated to helping you do what you do best — run your business — without getting bogged down in the mountains of paper and hours of screen time required to do it. We are equally dedicated to protecting your privacy and your data. Learn more about our privacy policy.