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We don't just build custom software. We build relationships.
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Our client-focused customer service and responsiveness sets us apart. We're a small business too, so we know what it's like not to get the attention the big companies do.

A Different Approach to Custom Software

An ElixWare custom software solution isn’t a start from scratch, reinvent the wheel approach to custom software. You choose from our integrated à la carte modules and add or remove features to meet your business' needs. We can also create new modules, or even a completely new system, based on your business requirements.

This approach has the advantage of faster turnaround, lower costs and software updates that benefit everyone on the ElixWare platform. Over time, as your business changes and grows, your ElixWare solution can keep pace with your changing needs.

Most custom software options are expensive, require you to hire third party developers, or even find an overseas solution. We tailor our software to your needs, manage the databases & servers, provide support and do the backups. You just run your business.

Why Custom Software?

Small businesses are often forced to settle for less-than-ideal software solutions because they can't find off-the-shelf software that meets their needs. This leads to manual processes, lots of spreadsheets, creating workarounds or even changing procedures to accommodate the features the software does support.

Niche markets don’t have many software products targeting their industry, and those that are available can be very expensive and are often a one-size-fits-all approach. Or you may need to buy the "premium" version for everyone on your staff in order to get the features you need (and many that you don’t).

An affordable custom software solution addresses these shortcomings by providing the features you want with the support you need at a price you can afford.

What Can an ElixWare Solution Do for You?

ElixWare provides a right-sized software solution that meets your individual needs. Some of our available modules:

  • Contact/Lead Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Order Management & History
  • Quotes & Estimates
  • Custom Build and Process Manager
  • Scheduling Manager for People, Resources and Assets
  • Inventory Manager
  • And many others

How Can We Help You?


Manage Custom Builds
Custom Quotes and Order Forms
Handle Repair Orders
Track Instrument History

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Production Mgmt

Tools You Need For Your Business
Manage Production Orders
Inventory Management
Customer & Sales Management

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Wedding Planning

Manage Every Aspect with Assignments, Checklists & ToDo's
Vendors and Clients
Billing and Recording Payments
Wedding Party Reminders
Automated Client Updates


Pre and Post Sale Management
Customer Relationship Management
Lead Management
Custom Quotes and Order Forms
Client Activity Alerts

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About Us

We are a small team with a lot of experience, specializing in software development, design, and workflow, process & project management. We are fiercely dedicated to helping you do what you do best — run your business — without getting bogged down in the mountains of paper and hours of screen time required to do it. We are equally dedicated to protecting your privacy and your data. Learn more about our privacy policy.