Affordable Business Management for YOUR business.

Whether you're managing custom orders, staff, resources, assets or schedules
ElixWare can help make your projects - and your business - a success.

Compromise Is Not A Solution

We’re proud to offer affordable business management software that meets your unique needs. ElixWare custom software will finally let you run your business the way you want to. No more compromises, workarounds, endless spreadsheets, or manual systems. No more going without the features you need or paying for features you don't.

Pick the modules you want and let us tailor them to meet your exact needs. Our secure cloud-based software provides:

  • remote access from the office, home, or on the road,
  • “how-to” support videos to help you every step of the way,
  • the ability to get custom-built modules if we don't have one that meets your exact needs, and
  • much more - all available with convenient subscription-based billing.

You Call The Shots

Staying competitive means changing with the times. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice your individuality by shoehorning your needs into a one-size-fits-all software solution or getting left behind. Small businesses are often forced to settle for less-than-ideal software solutions because they can't find a platform that meets their needs, can't afford customized software, or don't have programmers on staff.

Whether you need custom scheduling options, tiered access by user, tracking of rental or maintenance history, asset, service, warranty, or licensing management, online applications for jobs, RFP's or event management, you've got it. We've got you covered.

Custom cloud-based solutions that are tailored to your individual needs, and that can change and grow as your business does.

Prospect Management

Manage your contacts, quote requests, and follow-ups easier than ever before! Custom onboarding checklists ease the transition from prospect to client.

Client Management

Simplify Customer Relations with customer call and order notifications. Automated reminders and outreach to help your sales staff and customer service collaborately service your clients.

Custom Order Management

Quote, track and manage your custom products or services. Custom order management lets you track every detail that's important to you with custom build process management.

Post-Sales Support

Customer support and follow-up, surveys, reviews and problem resolution help you keep your clients satisfied and coming back for more.

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Stick To What You Do Best ...

And leave the rest to us. Running a business is hard enough. You shouldn't need to become a Jack of all trades.

Whether it's managing leads, tracking inventory or keeping your clients up-to-date, your time is better spent on your strengths.

Luthiers/Craftsmen Production Management

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Let Us Build You a Stunning Website

We've been building websites and web applications, writing code by hand, since the early days of the internet. Let us make you a website as individual and customized as your business is.

ElixWare features, such as product build options, quote requests and client portals can be integrated with into your new website.

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Manage Custom Builds
Custom Quotes and Order Forms
Handle Repair Orders
Track Instrument History

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Production Mgmt

Tools You Need For Your Business
Manage Production Orders
Inventory Management
Customer & Sales Management

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Wedding Planning

Manage Every Aspect with Assignments, Checklists & ToDo's
Vendors and Clients
Billing and Recording Payments
Wedding Party Reminders
Automated Client Updates


Pre and Post Sale Management
Customer Relationship Management
Lead Management
Custom Quotes and Order Forms
Client Activity Alerts

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We are a small team with a lot of experience, specializing in software development, design, and workflow, process & project management. We are fiercely dedicated to helping you do what you do best — run your business — without getting bogged down in the mountains of paper and hours of screen time required to do it. We are equally dedicated to protecting your privacy and your data. Learn more about our privacy policy.