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At ElixWare we want to bring you more than just great, affordable software. We want to let you know how and why we do what we do.

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Project management is like working in the circus

Project management, for me, is a lot like working in the circus behind the scenes. Weaving in and out between the jugglers. Counting the pins and making sure that none of them hit the ground. Things usually go according to plan. If they don’t I'm there to seamlessly catch the pin and toss it back up again.

Who would go to the circus to see jugglers who drop pins? Even dropping one pin can damage the reputation enough to lose costumers, and who can afford that?

But it’s more than just catching pins, sometimes I add pins or remove them, balancing the work that’s done while keeping an eye on what’s to come. I also have to manage the crowd’s (our client’s) expectations and requests. I can’t promise that my jugglers can juggle chainsaws if they don’t have the training or the time to learn the skill.

I also make sure the jugglers go to all their shows (or complete all the work they need to and on the days they need to do it). I also help them maximize their workflow, so more can be done to please the crowd within the time given. I even make charts and graphs and prioritize the incoming work, I make calls and check on things, I research and create reports, and in general keep things running smoothly and on time.

And as part of maximizing workflow, I have been trained to look for the things that slow down the work, or even halt good workflow practices. I then creatively and smoothly dissolve the issues to better the workflow.

We care about the quality of life for you and your employees, and we will work with you to make sure your needs are met, with no nonsense you don’t need. Quality matters and without it there’s no show to put on. Because who would pay to see a circus that can’t even preform? So when it’s all said and done, all we leave behind is a room full of “ooh”s and “ah”s.

So let us entertain (and/or serve) you. Call us at (859)-644-2771 or email us at

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